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Help my buddy to getting his comic in the hands of his fans!

Mike Schwartz has for the past few years been busy creating, writing, and illustrating a comic strip called Oceanverse.
It's an underwater adventure inspired by the old-time strips of the early 20th century.
Now it is finally ready to be compiled into a collected edition.

Visit the site below and give him a Pledge!…

Thanks Guys!
Check out my shirts!
Check it out! A few of my designs are now for sale at Click on the link above to see them… OR… be the Coolest Bloke on the block and buy one!
I finally got off my butt and decided to learn Wordpress.
If you get a chance, stop by my new webpage
Hey guys! I entered a contest at The Clink Room for a baseball cap design!
If you like my designs please vote for me so my design can be made and sold to the public.

My designs are #s 64, 65, & 66.

Go to this web site and read the instructions to vote...
I will be posting my cap designs here soon.

Thanks for your support!
Vote for your Ol' Pal Chad B. Stilson at this site...…

This is a "Just for Fun" Contest to see what the fan's favorite designs are for this years Grand Rapids Griffins 3rd Jersey Contest.

I am Chad B. Stilson
#1 and #6

Hey there Guys and Gals!
I have entered another contest and Need your Help!
Please vote for me: Chad Stilson ( I have 2 designs on this page )
Thanks for your Help!
Help me out Guys n' Gals!
Vote for me: Chad Stilson - Birmingham Bulls Design…
So I entered another contest for a New York Ranger Rebrand Logo and Jersey.…
Go to this site and vote for me if you like what I made!
Vote for me!!!! I entered another Hockey Rebrand Contest. The question is... "How do you make a LEAF look COOL?"…
Vote for me Chad B. Stilson if you think I am Worthy!
My Anaheim Ducks Jersey is being voted on... Please visit this page and vote for me!…
Here is the link.
Thanks Guys!!!
I entered this Contest for the Clarksville Wildcats. This is the Design I entered...…

Please Help me out and Vote for me in the Logo Category... Chad Stilson... at this Link...…

And if you wanted to see the Other Entries in this Contest, Here is that Link...…